Surrey County Expedition Challenge 2019 – press release from our Competition Team

The expedition challenge is a scouting event in Surrey, where a team of at least 4 people competes over 2 nights and 1.5 days to win a plaque. During the 2 days, tasks such as route planning, pitching of tents and quality of food were assessed. Competition teams were completely self-sufficient carrying all their kit with them over the 2 days whereas the training teams left their kit at the campsite.

The expedition challenge was a brilliant experience for scouts across Surrey. After we had finished, we all felt a huge sense of accomplishment and achievement. All the scouts have improved their map reading and navigation skills. It was hard to keep on top of all the tasks, but I think that is what made it so much fun and interesting. It was the equivalent to a Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award expedition; doing this at the age of 13 is quite a tough thing to do! We congratulate 1st Hinchley Wood for winning and everybody for trying their best and thank the leaders for sacrificing their weekends for our benefit.


Alice says “I had the time of my life navigating through the vast hills of Surrey”. Rishikesh says “I thought it helped build team working skills, I’m very proud of my accomplishment and I feel I have grown as an individual .” Dylan says “It was an amazing weekend where scouts could put to use the valuable skills they have learned in meetings and on training hikes.”

From the 4th Weybridge competition team: Alice, Rishikesh, Lauren & Peter

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