Section Report 2012-2013

Beaver Scouts Section Report 2012-2013

We currently have 21 Beavers, 6 of whom are leaving at the end of this term, 4 who are moving up to Cubs and sadly 2 are leaving us altogether.  Next year we will have 24 beavers, including 9 new children joining us from September.

Firstly thank you to everyone for supporting us throughout the year.  With your help and support, we have managed to achieve a lot this year.

The children have worked hard towards their Chief Scout Bronze award for which 6 Challenge Badges need to be gained.  We are very pleased to be here to see some of these children receive their award tonight.  This year it has been the Creative Challenge, Fitness Challenge and Friendship Challenge badges.  As well as the Experiment, Safety, Faith and Healthy eating activity badges.

The year started with the District Beaver Sleepover.  This was quite possibly one of the wettest camping weekends we have ever been on!  Despite the constant rain, the children had a brilliant time, a campfire, Smores, the water logged assault course, wide games, etc…..  By the time the parents came to collect them on Sunday afternoon, I don’t think there was a clean or dry item of clothing left!  Then it was Bazazz – postponed from last June so we all went to Cranleigh Showground in September.  There were plenty of photos taken that day which should be scrolling throughout the evening.  There was a sea of blue on the field as over 3,000 Beaver Scouts attended.  Next one is in 2016!

There was also a Hike up Box Hill in November, they skipped up the steep steps whilst most of the parents had a slower pace up the hill!  We plan to do another one next term, this time at Chatley Heath Semaphore Tower.  We learnt about Beach Flags, what FSC stands for and ways to help, map symbols and a Basic Skills evening which included Knots, Tracking, Scout Emblem, History of Scouting, History of Beavers and Games.  There was also the District Beaver Bakes event which was basically chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate!  The term finished with a party.

Easter term saw only nine meetings, remember the snow?  We did manage to fit in a visit from the local police officers, pancakes, a Chinese themed evening and the children made a wonderful mosaic coaster for their mothers who also came along one evening and had a cup of tea made by the Beavers.  The term finished with the annual Easter Egg Hunt at Walton Firs, more chocolate!

Summer term has seen the St George’s Day parade up Walton High Street, which was a proud moment.  We had a good go at the Tug of War at Oatlands Park Fair, I am sure that next year we will win!?!  There was the District Science Day, a visit to the Fire Station and towards the end of term as the weather improved, lots of water was used in various games in the garden behind the hall.  We also had a trip to Oatlands Park for a game of rounders!

Coming up over the next year we have got the District Sleepover at Walton Firs in September, Hike (already mentioned), the Tug of War next May, Climbing at Xcel Leisure Centre, a Group camp next July and the District Christmas activity. There will also be many more many more activities not confirmed yet!

Finally, we would like to take this opportunity to wish good luck to the Beavers moving up to cubs and the two who are leaving will be missed and we wish you well in all you do.  Everyone else, have a lovely summer and see you in September.

Emma Hives and Liz Farmer