Volunteer with us and Join the Adventure

Scouting provides the opportunity for young people to experience new activities and to learn from those experiences. Our job as Leaders is to ensure young people get to enjoy all we can offer, in a safe and protective environment!

We are always looking for new volunteers to enable us to keep up with the demand for Scouting:  be that spending a few minutes every few months on administrative tasks, to running section meetings.   Or perhaps you would like to be an occasional helper, or a committee member.

Our Scout Groups are run by unpaid volunteers, many of whom signed up to help ‘just a little’, and have gone on to become Leaders, Assistant Leaders or committee members!

If you are concerned that ‘I don’t know anything about being a Scout Leader’, then worry not! This is a concern shared by EVERYONE who may be interested in volunteering. FULL training is provided and paid for by the group.  The Scout Association training is probably one of the best, if not, the best in the volunteer sector. You will be amazed at what you have to offer once it is pointed out to you and you are trained to pass it on.

Our range of volunteers are:

  • Beaver, Cub or Scout Section Leaders. They have overall responsibility for the running of the section.  This means planning and delivering the Balanced Programme with the help of the Assistant Leaders and Section Assistants.
  • Assistant Leaders. These support the Section Leader and help out regularly at meetings, camps etc although not necessarily every week. They are warranted Leaders, wear a uniform and can run the meeting in the absence of the Section Leader, should the need arise. Assistant Leaders are supported by Section Assistants and other Assistant Leaders.
  • Section Assistants. All sections need helpers.  These are similar to Assistant Leaders, but there is the option to do less training and they can choose whether they wear the uniform.
  • DofE Helpers. We support local schools by allowing students doing the Duke of Edinburgh scheme to do their service with us. We can also provide training.
  • Parent Helpers. We run a rota system with two volunteer parent helpers at each meeting. Parents really enjoy helping, as they get to see their child in a different environment, often amongst different friends! They may be asked to help with Games, join us on walks, or just get the juice and biscuits ready! Parent helpers can also come on camps and hikes with us.
  • Group Executive Committee. This is a committee that meets about four or five times a year to discuss future Group events, large purchases, fund raising and other matters that concern the whole group. There are a number of key personnel within the committee.
      • The Chairman. This person works with the Group Scout Leader to ensure the Group operates in accordance with the Rules of the Scout Association.  This is an ideal role for someone who doesn’t wish to work directly with the young people but are committed to Scouting.  Chairmen are responsible for members on the committee, including the Treasurer and Secretary.  They are also vital in stopping conversations meandering off topic during meetings.  They will also report at the AGM.
      • The Treasurer. This person assists the Chairman in the effective administration of the Group by providing financial support, by setting the annual budget or completing annual accounts.  They are the Group’s accountant and presents a report at the AGM. This role is ideal for someone who doesn’t wish to work directly with the young people but are comfortable working with figures and budgets.
      • The Secretary. This person assists the Chairman in the effective administration of the Group by providing administrative support.  This could be maintaining records or completion of the annual census.  They also take minutes at meetings and distribute them.
      • Fundraiser.  Fundraisers provide Scouting with necessary funds. They may be in charge of raising funds for new equipment or even to send a section or Group on an activity or camp. Fundraisers are responsible for organising the way in which money can be raised, be it through a sponsored walk, a lottery grant or public collections.

What Can We Do for You?

Depending on how you would like to help us, we have a comprehensive training scheme. Your level of commitment will determine how much training is required.

How can you help?

We’d love to hear from you, no matter how small you think your offer of help is. Every offer helps to ensure a seamless continuation of scouting to the children in our area.


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