Earning Badges and Awards

All Young People love earning badges and there is a huge range available to them, our objective as a group is that every child will leave each section having been given the opportunity to earn their Chief Scout Award.

  • Chief Scout’s Award

This is the highest badge that a Young Person can earn in a section.

Beavers – Bronze

Cubs – Silver

Scouts – Gold

It is awarded on completion of several Challenge, Activity and Staged Badges of which the requirements are different for each section.

  •  Challenge Badges

There are at least 6 challenge badges available in each section, these badges take a bit longer to earn and most of the work for them will be done as part of regular meetings (some offsite) but there will be times when involvement at home is necessary. If your child has something to carry out at home then please encourage them and help them to do it, please don’t do it for them! The emphasis is very much on each young person taking part to the best of their ability, there are no “absolute standards” that have to be reached.

  • Activity badges

These are the “single subject” badges that are worn on the left arm, there are at least 25  different Activity badges that children can work towards so there’s bound to be one that fits your child’s particular interest. We work towards some of these badges as a section, but many come from interests/activities your child may have outside of the Group. 

  • Staged Activity Badges

Each stage of these badges is available to all sections, with the highest stage currently achieved being worn on the uniform. There are 16 staged activity badges including Hikes Away, Emergency Aid, Nights Away and Time-on-the-Water.